Verizon – Passaic Central Office Penthouse Replacement and Interior Renovations


  • This project entailed removing the existing penthouse and the two gensets inside. Through out the project, strict roof protection protocol developed by our team was observed.
  • We constructed a new penthouse and installed 2- 900KW emergency gensets. This was all done over the top of a new 5ESS phone switch in the middle of winter with no leaks permitted.
  • Precise coordination and detailed scheduling were required to maintain an adequate level of protection for the existing critical equipment and structure.
  • The entire house service boards and the emergency electrical buss duct were replaced throughout the building.
  • The existing HVAC equipment was also upgraded, replaced or modified to service the new telephone switches.
  • This project posed a great many challenges. Despite these challenges, the project was completed on time and within budget due to dedicated teamwork and coordination.