Verizon Wireless – New Data Center Branchburg

  • This project is a 17,168 SF switch containment building. It was built on an adjoining site to Verizon Wireless existing building in Branchburg, NJ. The site was heavily wooded and required a considerable amount of work to rectify unsuitable soil conditions.
  • This is a masonry building, slab on grade with an EPDM roof. All the interior areas protected by an FM-200 fire system are sheetrock, sealed at all areas and fan tested to insure integrity.
  • Almost all of the considerable amount of data and power conduits are below ground, as are all services to the street and connections to the existing building. A generator is also included in the building.
  • Getting the foundations, concrete and masonry done through the worst winter in ten years presented us with some challenges that we overcame. The project was completed within Verizon Wireless’s schedule.